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A Brave New Tomorrow (Montana Series) Mabel G. Ebner

A Brave New Tomorrow (Montana Series)

Mabel G. Ebner

Published June 9th 2013
Kindle Edition
738 pages
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 About the Book 

Fort Owen is closed and as its people prepare to head to Canada, they interact with the people of Missoula when they go for supplies. The owners of the Bluebird Saloon find themselves stalked and shot at as they deal with their father’s murder. Find out what happens to these courageous frontier souls in “A Brave New Tomorrow.”When the order came from Washington to shut down Fort Owen, the people found themselves in a whirlwind of activity as they prepared to leave the old fort forever. It had been a rough, turbulent ride throughout the years, yet for those leaving, it was an especially sad time, too. Captain Paul Thompson was mustered out of the army so that he could prepare to lead a wagon train toward Canada. Sent out with him were four other men. Two of those men, Nataka Hanson and Daniel Peters, would be their scouts.Sheriff Zachariah Hill and his wife, Mattie took in two sisters, Eleanor (Ellie), and Lillian (Lil) Marrow. After their father’s death, Ellie inherited the Bluebird Saloon, a white elephant that hung around their necks. Neither wanted to work there, but did so only to prevent their father’s murderer from possessing it. It was only after one of them was attacked by the son of the late Major Carl Thornton of Fort Owens that Ellie realized that there were more important things in life than preventing the suspected murderer from obtaining the saloon. The man suspected of murdering the girls’ father, Chester Wakefield, was a greedy, crafty, insane man, who took great delight in bilking the people of Missoula out of what he wanted. Selling the Bluebird Saloon to Wakefield didn’t solve their problems at all. In fact it intensified things. They found themselves stalked, as well as shot at.Thompson was forced to make several trips back to Missoula for the supplies the people would need to undertake this momentous task. During these trips they faced many difficulties as well as battled, brutal determined men. Thompson wondered if they would be able to reach the desired destination in time to build the necessary cabins needed to shield them from nature’s brutal elements.